We are proud to support and participate in the Google Fiber program for the region.  Special thanks to the following entities who make many programs possible for the Thinktank and area businesses:  Google, Intuit, Greater Kansas City Chamber, The Kansas City Kansas Chamber, Kansas City Area Development Council, Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City Sourcelink, Missouri Small Business and Technology Center, Association of Small Business Development Centers, SCORE, and Meetup.  The Thinktank takes advantage of google phones, email, websites, and associated tools.
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*Effective March 26th, 2018 we will be duplicating our *free 2007-2013 $300M Funding and Financing initiative and study that helped companies, businesses, and individuals get the capital needed to acquire, expand, grow, cash-out, merge, or start up (*donations accepted, but not required for services & info - *study results will be shared with multiple universities).

816.875.0062 (dedicated line for this program)
Or Email - Todd@KCThinktank.org

Highlights of these programs include:

*SBA/Government Programs from the largest and most experienced lenders of these types of products in the Midwest Region (we sit in many loan committees each week and fight for loan approvals and creative solutions).

*Conventional Business Loans evaluated by the same, great, regional banks (small enough for us to have continual access to the decision-makers, yet large enough to be some of the fastest growing community bank lenders in the Midwest.) The banks will then work with us to find the best loan solution, including referral to other entities that have the appetite for each loan.

*Unique loan situations including small loans, short-term financing, factoring, bridge loans, lines of credit, construction loans, consolidation loans, and loans turned down by other institutions.  We utilize a network of lenders who specialize in each of these more unique situations. 

*Banks, Savings & Loans, and other lending entities can utilize these programs by referring loan applications that don't match their appetite WITHOUT worrying about losing their business customer deposits. The emphasis of these programs is to get companies, businesses, and individuals the loans they need...not capture business accounts.

*Venture Capital & Private Equity Group companies, along with Business Brokers and individual investors can refer all projects they "reject" or don't have an appetite for to these programs to offer a landing spot for additional help instead of being perceived in a bad light for continually saying "no" to the majority of deals they are inundated with. Referring to a helpful resource instead of simply saying "no" creates a better impression, and encourages referral partners to continue to send potential deals their way.   

The program specific contact info to reach someone to discuss these programs and specific individual cases is:

816.875.0062 (dedicated line for this program)
Or Email - Todd@KCThinktank.org

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