You can start by one of two ways (or both):

1.  Contact us directly and get individualized attention.  Email may be fastest, but we can have detailed phone conversations as well.  We use the Google Voice answering system and will call you back within a short period of time.  This is a simple and easy process for us to walk you through.  Contact information is found HERE.

2.  Before contacting us go through as many of the pages and links that you can.  There have been so many projects and so many possibilities over the years that something should connect with you in some way.  Also, before you contact us, ask yourself this one question, "What is it that I'd really like or need help with?"  It could be business related, or personal; related to an increase in wealth, or an increase in happiness or satisfaction.  All of the Thinktank projects started with that one word..."help".  No matter which side of that word you are on, giving or receiving, it is the basis for everything the Thinktank does.  Sometimes, a simple connection is all that someone needs to get whatever it is they want or need.   

Remember, our wealth-related mission is to allow people and companies to utilize our programs to increase their wealth and help with our causes and theirs.  So we want to make sure everything is working properly.  When we were completely private, our programs averaged a yearly wealth increase of 60%-200% annualized.  If you do not realize at least a minimum 60% minimum increase then we will not ask you to contribute any additional pledges until you surpass the 60% increase.  And read our guarantee that you will be refunded any pledges you make if you do not make a 60% yearly return.  Guarantee Link