Who We Are

The collection of individuals who support the efforts of BizHelpers, SchoolHelpers, and KCHelp are known as KCThinktank.org, or "The Thinktank". The goal of each member of the group is to collectively share information to increase individual wealth and then pledge all or a portion of this new wealth to fund old and new projects of the group.  There are no monthly meetings or formal organization...simply a private networking of individuals. Each Executive Member of the group has access to the private traders that utilize the U.S. stocks and options markets to average 60%-200% annual return in their own accounts.  
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Additional Bio Info can be found at www.linkedin.com/pub/todd-wilbanks/a/a26/910/

Most new members will choose to only be involved to increase their wealth and pledge all or a portion to the projects. Some will want to be more involved in the projects or want to create new ones. See the Home page to find more information about specific projects the group has been involved with and continues to keep active. 

How This All Comes Together - The History

On a misty night in 1999 I "accidentally" met a man named James at the entrance to the Post Office across from Union Station in Kansas City. That was the beginning of the unique, interesting, and rewarding ride which became "The Thinktank" and what would eventually spawn projects in BizHelpers, SchoolHelpers, and KCHelp. James was an eccentric and very private "Howard Hughes in his later years" type. But James and those like-minded and like-hearted individuals he assembled were also brilliant, visionary, creative, spiritual, and wanted to do two simple things:

1. To share information and increase each member's individual wealth.
2. Privately contribute to the betterment of the area and the world in some unique way.

The group didn't want to be constrained by any rules or regulations and also wanted to preserve the privacy of their lives...for reasons that will become clear soon enough. The answer was a private organization open-minded enough to work on whatever it wanted to do at the time. Initially the meetings were just brain-storming sessions on issues and problems pertinent to each individual member. There were a lot of little "Secret Angel" types of activities...which were by far our favorites. 

Eventually there came social commentary (which became known as "common"tary) and a creative problem-solving model that would strip down any situation to its foundation and then rebuild it from uniquely creative and alternative viewpoints. There was a realignment plan produced for the NFL; helping an old friend take his business model to the next level by introducing creative business development and sales techniques; taking over a school for disadvantaged and at-risk kids and implementing bold and successful learning philosophies (see the Whittier School story at SchoolHelpers). The group would sometimes anonymously help people or offer suggestions without recognition. These acts would become part of our Secret Angel projects.

For a while the group had no name, as there seemed to be no need for one. But someone pegged the organization as a thinktank made up of creative common-sense thinking...America's common-sense thinktank...later shortened to "The Thinktank" because the initial moniker was just too darn convoluted...and it simply stuck. Though the name was verbalized each time in a "tongue-in-cheek" manner, the term thinktank probably best described the unusual collection of people and activities.

Each of the individuals in the original group seemed to share many common characteristics, though the "projects" they each wanted to work on was varied and personalized. Though I fancied myself a creative and unique individual with varied background in everything from sports to music composition to business to engineering to education, I never seemed to exactly fit in with the rest of the group for some reason. 

After James passed away I sensed that the other "members" started to head off or seemingly disappear as well. It wasn't until much later that I learned what had brought this wonderfully eccentric group of individuals together in the first place. It wasn't their common interests, their need for privacy, or even their unique creativity. What originally brought together this group to want so badly to accomplish so much in virtual anonymity was the fact that they were all dying...they were each terminally ill. 

So when Doc told us he was off to Europe and Asia to spend the rest of his life experiencing the world, I didn't realize he was literally going away to die. And when Trader Dan left me a goodbye letter asking me to find creative ways to continue on with the work we had all started, I didn't realize his travels were taking him out of this world.

Most of the new Executive Membership will be added simply to allow them to individually benefit from the lucrative funding model and then pledge all or a portion of this new wealth to the continuation of past and future projects.  Go HERE to learn about increasing individual wealth. Some will want to become more involved in the projects moving forward and want to create new ones. 

Above all, we will endeavor to continue the ideals, philosophies, creativity, and especially the spirit of the incredible band of characters that were and still are "The Thinktank". The projects of BizHelpers, SchoolHelpers, and KChelp are still kept alive in their honor. Regardless of which direction we go now, there have been many along the way who have donated time, money, the use of their homes/offices, and their creative spirit to advance these endeavors. Some are still involved as we patiently wait for select others to come along for this great ride... 

...Perhaps you are called to do so... 


Todd Wilbanks/Deo Prentice Bio from ABMI Mergers & Acquisitions (2005-2012)

Additional Bio Info can be found at www.linkedin.com/pub/todd-wilbanks/a/a26/910/

ABMI's Team of Professionals

Todd Wilbanks - Senior Development Partner 

Todd joined our group in 2005, coming from a private think tank and business group in the Kansas City area. His tenure as Project Lead and Senior Partner provided a varied background that included both direct and consulting experience in the areas of sales, business development, management, business consulting, real estate, investment, philanthropy, education, and training.

Since 1999, Todd has originated, led, and managed over $500M in projects, including the largest M&A projects for ABMI. He has been involved in family businesses on both the personal and professional level and brings a unique perspective to ABMI. The variety and complexity of his past work projects led Todd to achieve licensing and certification in many areas, including engineering, real estate, insurance, and education/training.

Todd also headed the philanthropic efforts of the group, including KChelp.org, BusinessHelpers.org, and other private help organizations in the area. With a degree in education from the University of Central Missouri, he has devoted much of his time in working with youth, especially in the areas of at-risk and alternative education.

Todd has three beautiful daughters, McKayla Anne, Mariah Jae, and Maxlyn Sage.