FAQ's and Contact Info

You can contact us by filling out the Contact Us box below. Or you may call Todd or Deo at 816.875.0062.  The email is todd@kcthinktank.org.

Q - Are you going to release your story, write a blog, or continue any of the groups writings?
A - We will look for partners to help tell the incredible story of the Thinktank's founding and projects. This might come in the form of a book, a series of articles, and/or a return to periodic media appearances.  We will keep everyone posted on our website as we move forward with "going public".

Q - Can anyone participate in the funding program?
A - As of 2014 we will allow more "public" individuals and groups to participate in the unique funding model.  See the "Thinktank Funding" page for more details.

Q - How many traders do you follow and use?
A - The administrators of the Thinktank have consistently followed over 30 traders, while narrowing the choices down to a handful for each member to choose from, based on each members' individual comfort level of aggressiveness. 

Q - How much does "membership" into the group cost?
A - There is no membership fee. Members pledge an amount or a percentage of new profit to help fund present and future projects of the Thinktank.

Q - You say "between 60% and 200% return each year". Don't you have exact numbers for each year to post?
A - Each individual member has had their own account and there have been different combinations of traders used by different members. The administration constantly follows the results of different traders but we depend upon members to report their private individual results, which will vary based on which combination of traders they use. 

Q - Can I use the Broker and Brokerage firm I currently have?
A - That will depend on whether they have the capability and willingness to participate in this specific process. Part of the great success has been the speed in executing the mirrored trade. We spent much time researching which brokerage firms best fit the process as well. We share our research and information and let each member decide what is best.

Q - So you work with each individual member like my financial advisor does. Is that the way it works?
A - No. SEC regulations do not allow for us to give individual financial advice. We can only share research and information with members and let them decide for themselves. Or, we can work directly with a member's advisor.